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Management and Leadership Development Program Awards Excellence


Students who completed the Management and Leadership Development Program with excellence in Spring 2016. Photo by Abigail Chen.

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Photo Caption: Front Row: Chris Shim ’18, Stephanie Guo ’18, Jonah Kelly ’18, Jenny Yeoh-Wang ’17; Second Row: Sally Portman ’17, Lindsay Salem ’18, Aliyah Gallup ’17, Ashley Dotson ’18, Niamé Daffé ’18, Madison Villarreal ’18; Back Row: Jazz Van Loon ’18, Christian Kwisanga ’18, Wei Wei Buchsteiner ’18, Garrison Roe ’18, Raphael Hviding ’18, Noah Goldstein ’18, Miranda Lawson ’17, Miles Irish ’18; Missing from Photo: Ben Adler ’18, Jimmy Fair ’18, Devyn Greenberg ’17, Ethan Isaacson ’18, Noah Manning ’17, and Robbie Van Voorhis ’18.

Each term, participants from our Management and Leadership Development Program are nominated with excellence by their peers. When nominating, students are asked to explain why their nominees made their experience in MLDP excellent and how their nominees provide an excellent example of leadership. Below are the collaborated comments about those who completed the Management and Leadership Development Program with excellence in Spring 2016. Congratulations to you all.

Ben Adler ’18 engaged with the material in an intentional way. He is a vocal leader, and many found his comments to be amongst the most thoughtful. Ben is a very focused person who is keen on involving others while working towards a goal on a team.

Wei Wei Buchsteiner ’18 is a leader who makes those around him feel comfortable. He would strive to bring groups closer together when working on activities. He was always present and attentive and seemed to really care about the content of the sessions. In addition, he is well respected as a leader outside of MLDP. 

Niamé Daffé ’18 is a person of integrity. She carefully considered other people's thoughts and opinions in conversations while still honoring her values. Many looked to Niamé as a leader in the program. She is an active listener and was fantastic group member in the activities. Niamé was always prepared for the sessions and was very friendly and enthusiastic while engaging with others.

Ashley Dotson ’18 is an excellent example of humble leadership. As one of the quieter members of the group, she always made thoughtful contributions to the conversation. She took each session's lessons and applied them to her personal leadership challenge. Over the course of the program, many saw noticeable progress in her leadership growth. Those who had done group work with her said that she engaged thoroughly with the material.  Ashley is an exceptional leader who always takes on responsibility, but also knows how to delegate. 

Jimmy Fair ’18 set a good example in MLDP by engaging in discussions and providing good insight during group activities. He enjoyed engaging in the sessions. Jimmy always brought focus to the groups he was in, while also bringing a good sense of humor.

Aliyah Gallup ’17 is a humble leader. She was always is very welcoming and kind to her fellow participants, which made the interactions more comfortable and engaging. Many admired that she had different viewpoints to bring to the discussions.

Noah Goldstein ’18 has been awesome to work with. He was really engaged during every session, and contributed with smart and helpful comments. Noah always added a fresh perspective about leadership, which was appreciated. One person noted that during group discussions, Noah promoted productive conversations and helped others to learn and engage with the topics.

Devyn Greenberg ’17 was always very honest when evaluating how her attributes played a part in the group's activities. She worked hard on her public speaking in the program and made noticeable progress. Devyn is very focused and dedicated. Her comments were always informative and well thought out.

Raphael Hviding ’18 provides a fresh perspective on leadership. He was instrumental in helping others broaden their understanding of the program material. He was always engaged and contributed in a positive way to the group dynamic.

Ethan Isaacson ’18  kept the group on task and showed leadership by following through on the activities. He did a great job of directing people's attention. Ethan always had thoughtful things to say during the sessions and participated often. Many noted that during their conversations with him, Ethan was an extremely attentive and an active listener.

Jonah Kelly ’18 was a very vocal and enthusiastic leader throughout the program. He was always upbeat and made discussions fun with his interesting and innovative ideas. He brought a wonderful positive energy into our group activities, encouraging dialogue and bonding within the group. Jonah kept the atmosphere in the room fun and jovial.

Christian Kwisanga '18 was excited about every topic. He brought a lot of passion and fun to the program. And he was welcoming in the small group setting. Christian was always attentive and brought up really insightful comments to our discussions both in large and small group settings.

Noah Manning ’17 took the program seriously and many saw noticeable leadership growth throughout the program. He strived for a deeper understanding of the material and brought others along with him. During the sessions and dinner activities, Noah remained fully engaged in the conversations. He is very articulate and brought up many great points that helped to keep the conversations going. He consistently spoke up in the times when the rest of the room was quiet, and his contributions were thoughtful and meaningful to the discussions.

Sally Portman ’17 stood out as a really genuine and trustworthy individual. She was consistently a positive figure in the room and a pleasure to interact with. She contributed to discussions with constructive and thoughtful comments. Her energy made coming to MLDP more exciting. In addition, Sally was always so friendly outside of sessions.

Garrison Roe ’18  was always on his A game in MLDP. He enabled small group discussion by making sure everyone was comfortable and had time to speak. Garrison consistently went above the program expectations and contributed to discussions regularly with unique and insightful ideas. He understands the value in being approachable and communicated with the group even outside the program.

Lindsay Salem ’18 is very thoughtful and showed concern for others. She was always participating with a genuine interest in the material covered. She was enthusiastic and encouraged others to engage in the activities. Lindsay is very passionate about her cause and has taken effective measures to improve her leadership, for example, her leadership training with Dartmouth EMT.

Chris Shim ’18 was very engaged during the sessions. He cared about his fellow student’s learning process. One student mentioned that during the dinner discussions, Chris helped them to be successful in completing their personal leadership challenge SMART goal.

Robbie Van Voorhis ’18 was always on time. He was engaged in the activities and consistently attentive during the lecture portions of the sessions. Robbie continually thought of different ways to apply the lessons of the program to real life. Thus, he really understands the goals of the program.

Spring 2016 Participants with  Perfect Attendance

Niamé Daffé ’18, Ashley Dotson ’18, Noah Goldstein ’18, Stephanie Guo ’18, Raphael Hviding ’18, Miles Irish ’18, Christian Kwisanga ’18, Miranda Lawson ’17, Noah Manning ’17, Garrison Roe ’18, Lindsay Salem ’18, Chris Shim ’18, Jazz Van Loon ’18, Madison Villarreal ’18, Jenny Yeoh-Wang ’17

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