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The Management and Leadership Development Program: Spring 2015 MLDP Recap

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Congratulations to the students who completed the Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP) with distinction in the spring term of 2015. 

To complete MLDP with distinction, a participant is asked to complete a personal case study. This case study begins with the students identifying a leadership or management challenge in an organization or group they are currently involved in. They identify the resources available to them in MLDP and apply the skills learned in the weekly sessions to take action on a solution for their challenge. Then, they reflect on their experience in writing. This is a great example of the type of experiential learning that students experience in MLDP. Click here for more information about MLDP.

Some of the students who completed MLDP with distinction pose with their certificates. From left: Ian Speers '17, Ke Zhao '17, Lulu Riley '16, Alex Jarvis '16, Erin Czerwinski '17, Joshua Perez '17, and Maryama Diaw '16. Photo by May Nguyen '18.

This past spring term, participants identified a variety of challenges for their personal case studies such as; learning effective delegation, mobilizing groups toward a common goal, determining and being comfortable with a personal leadership style, leading meetings, working well within a predefined team, managing leadership transitions, changing leadership and team structure, working with different personality types, working with difficult people, and navigating group dynamics.

Spring 2015 – Completed with Distinction: 
Maryama Diaw '16
Robert Halvorsen Jr '17
Alex Jarvis '16
Holly Jeong '17
Ming Koh '15
Arianna Lee '16
Brian Li ’17
Amy Liang '17
Phoebe Liang '17
Joshua Perez '17
Rachel Porth '16
Lulu Riley '16
Joy Shen '17
Ian Speers '17
Josh Wan '16
Ke Zhao '17

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