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Management Leadership Development Program Fall 2017 Excellence

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Front row: Allyssa Austin ’19, Sydney Johnson ’20, Alexandra Fricke ’18, and Sunny Drescher ’20; Back row: Nayib Asis ’20, Hailey Nicholson ’19, Omkar Sreekanth ’20, Ryder Stone ’18, and Shawn Ohazuruike ’20; Missing from Photo: Roshni Dugar ’20 and Jenny Peterlin ’20.

Management Leadership Development Program provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their leadership experience and build the skills to be more effective leaders. Each session, participants from MLDP nominate their peers for excellence. When nominating, students are asked to explain why their nominees made their experience in MLDP more beneficial and/or how their nominees provide an excellent example of leadership in the program. At the end of the term, students must have perfect attendance and be nominated by their peers a number of times to pass MLDP with excellence. Below are the collaborated comments about those who completed the Management and Leadership Development Program with excellence in Fall 2017. Congratulations to you all!

Nayib Asis ’20 stands out for his commitment to the program and contributions to the conversations we have each week in MLDP. His peers describe his leadership as willingness to meaningfully engage in group activities, while being respectful and open-minded. For these reasons, Nayib has earned excellence.

Allyssa Austin ’19 has earned excellence for her maturity, willingness to lead by example, eloquence, and commitment to the program. Her peers note her meaningful contributions to discussions and willingness to help others grow their leadership skills.

Sunny Drescher ’20 has an ability to pull the group together and accomplish a goal. She steps out of her comfort zone, asks critical questions, and offers significant contributions to conversations. For these reasons, Sunny has earned excellence.

Roshni Dugar ’20 has shown a commitment to excelling at her personal leadership challenge. She surpassed the expectations in her SMART goals and fully utilized the skills of MLDP to accomplish more tangible goals. In addition, she has maintained a cheerful presence in the program. For this, Roshni has earned excellence.

Alexandra Fricke ’18 has earned excellence for her ability to make connections between the ideas of others and help lead discussions. She takes initiative in her groups to start, and maintain, a high level of engagement.

Sydney Johnson ’20 has been nominated for excellence for her ability to engage her peers, ask good questions, and stimulate discussion, while making those around her feel comfortable at the same time. She made a significant effort to step outside her comfort zone and showed noticeable leadership growth as a result.

Hailey Nicholson ’19 has been nominated for excellence because of her willingness to step in and be helpful. She leads by example, encourages others in her group to speak up, and encourages those around her to participate in group activities.

Shawn Ohazuruike ’20 has earned excellence for his unwavering kind and positive attitude. He has shown up each day ready to contribute and increases the caliber of discussions in every session. Shawn empowers others by speaking with conviction and purpose.

Jenny Peterlin ’20 has earned excellence for being a type of leader that brings other people together. Students placed in her discussion groups commented on her kind disposition and thoughtful attitude. Furthermore, Jenny had the most peer nominations.

Omkar Sreekanth ’20 has shown tremendous growth in the program and demonstrated a willingness to step outside his comfort zone. He really pushed himself and took advantage of the opportunities that the Rockefeller Center offers. Additionally, Omkar maintained a positive attitude throughout the program. For these reasons, he has earned excellence.

Ryder Stone ’18 has earned excellence for being a consistent respectful and positive presence in each MLDP session. His peers commented on his “strong mini presence” and for always being a productive listener and having a compassionate demeanor.

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