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MLDP to Fund Winter Greek Leadership Training Event

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Read a student’s account of our most recent session in our Management Leadership and Development program. For more information, about MLDP, click here

As part of their completion of MLDP, Fall 2012 participants were asked to assemble into groups and propose leadership events to be implemented in the winter.

Channeling their creativity and organizational skills, eight groups submitted proposals for events within a $500 budget. The insightful proposals ranged from Custodian Appreciation Day to Green Bikes @ Dartmouth to lectures by various distinguished speakers. On the basis of a popular vote within MLDP, a single winner was selected for funding: Leadership in Greek Houses Training, or LIGHT.

The brainchild of Meredith Sweeney ’14, Eric Yang ’14, Tim Xu ’14, Nikki Sachdeva ’15, and Luke Katler ‘15, LIGHT seeks to tap into the leadership potential of newly affiliated members. Three out of five LIGHT members are affiliated with a Greek organization, which gave the group the perspective and inkling to establish such an event.

Often, new members are too timid or apprehensive to communicate and contribute ideas to the heads of their Greek organizations, the group concluded. A daylong training, LIGHT consists of group dynamics activities, a motivational speaker, and delicious food to inspire new members to shed their fears and take a stand in their houses.

Check out LIGHT’s pitch below, and keep an eye out for the event next term!

-Nikki Sachdeva ’15

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences