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MLDP kicks off Fall 2013 with Dr. Darin Eich

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Read a student's account of our most recent session in our Management Leadership and Development program below. For more information about MLDP, click here.

MLDP participants were awarded the great opportunity to hear from the session’s guest speaker, Dr. Darin Eich, following staff introductions and a general program orientation. As the founder of several leadership development and innovative initiatives, such as the student-based consulting firm BrainReactions and Create Your Path at the Rockefeller Center, Dr. Eich brought his expertise in the fields of communication, networking, and creativity to the MLDP program through a series of engaging presentations and activities. 

We began with a simple introduction exercise, describing to the rest of the MLDP participants where we were from, our intended majors, and an interesting fact about ourselves. From this we progressed to more creative, impromptu-based activities. In smaller, more personal groups, we worked on our creativity and imagination as we each spontaneously spoke about everything from exciting facts about ourselves, to imaginative metaphors about random inanimate objects.

Overall, the session offered all of us a very unique experience to work on our communication and interpersonal skills, and to learn how these skills could work to develop ourselves into leaders. The engaging and personal activities we accomplished together was both a great way for us to become more personal with our peers in the program, and a wonderful way to learn what management and leadership is all about. 

-- Written by William de Chatellus ’16, MLDP Participant Fall 2013

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