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MLDP Midterm Special Topics Continue on October 26th

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During the October 26th meeting, Management & Leadership Devevlopment Program (MLDP) welcomed both Kari Jo Grant and Danielle Thompson ’97 for its second week of midterm period condensed sessions.

After Kari Jo Grant's presentation, students explore some of the various tip sheets and tools for stress management.

Kari Jo Grant is the Health Education Coordinator in the Health Resources Office at Dick’s House. She spoke to MLDP participants about Time and Stress Management. Throughout the session, Ms. Grant polled the audience for common reactions to stressful situations such as exams. As sleep deprivation and food avoidance topped the participants’ lists, Ms. Grant emphasized the importance of sleeping and eating by comparing the symptoms of sleep deprivation to inebriation and claiming that at a certain level of exhaustion, “your body will shut down.” She provided alternative ways to cope with stress ranging from time management tools to physical contact. The session ended with a stress-reducing Guided Imagery/Visualization Exercise and an invitation to try out a variety of stress-reducing toys.

Danielle Thompson began her session with an interactive, real-time poll via text message.

Danielle Thompson introduced MLDP participants to the rapidly growing world of Social Media and specific tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flickr. She began the session by emphasizing the breadth and growth of Social Media Tools with statistics stating that, “80% of companies use social media for recruitment.” Throughout the session, participants navigated the world of social media and even set up their own Twitter accounts. Ms. Thompson encouraged each participant to use these tools wisely to start building their brand and share it with a world of prospective employers and contacts.

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