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MLDP Recap: MLDP Explores the Great Outdoors with Bob Miller

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Read a student's account of our most recent session in our Management Leadership and Development program below. For more information about MLDP, click here. 
MLDP participants had the special opportunity to hear from Bob Miller, the Holekamp Family Strength and Conditioning Coach for Dartmouth College Athletics. Mr. Miller brought his expertise in supervising and training athletes to the MLDP program through a series of fun outdoor exercises to teach participants how to lead through action.
We began by training one member of every group in compass navigation. From this, we progressed into the main activity for the night, which was to simulate a night of camping outdoors. Using directions on slips of paper given to us, we had to find our camping supplies before continuing on to find our campsite where we would set up camp for the night, and prepare to boil water for a morning cup of coffee.
Overall, the session offered all of us a great experience to initiate and practice leadership skills in a real live situation. After weeks of learning about and working on leadership qualities in controlled, unrealistic situations, this activity was a good way to test what we had learned and put the skills into practice. This session was especially important, given that we are about to start our group project, and allowed us to connect and practice working with our group mates. Most teams did not encounter immediate success and learned how important resiliency and teamwork are to long-term success.
-- Written by Andrew Zhu ’16, MLDP Participant Fall 2013

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