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MLDP Recap: Presentation Design for the User Experience

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Read a student's account of our most recent session in our Management Leadership and Development program below. For more information, about MLDP, click here.

This special workshop was hosted by the Rockefeller Center’s Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP) and Voxmasters student discussion group. The speaker was Dave Uejio, who currently serves as Special Assistant to the Director in the Office of Human Resources. Dave presented on some of the effective ways to use PowerPoint presentations in public speaking.
Dave focused on details that would not detract away from the speaker but would give them a more sharper focus from the audience. Dave pointed out the importance of white space on presentation slides, choices of font, color scheme, graph structure, etc., and Dave not only simply spoke about these ideas. His own presentation consisted of very few slides, a minimalistic-approach to content and graphic design, and his technique in relating and understanding his intended audience. Dave provided various narratives from his time at YGL Executive Board and past experiences.
At the conclusion of Dave’s lecture, he had participating students take out examples of PowerPoints that were noteworthy for their poor presentation, pacing, and general failure to captivate the audience. Through these discussions, students were able to critically analyze their own presentations for future reference. Dave provided students with concrete examples and information for effective PowerPoint presentations.-Edgar Sandoval ‘14

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