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Notes from the Field: Elizabeth Klein ’17

Elizabeth Klein '17 interned this past winter at the  Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office to contribute to the fight against human trafficking. 

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Human trafficking remains an obscure but rampant atrocity in the US with most victims averaging around 12-13 years of age. 

Elizabeth Klein ’17 spent her winter term interning at the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office in the Human Trafficking Division, working to raise awareness, promote community outreach, and conduct public policy research in contribution to the fight against this crime.

Elizabeth’s internship coincided with Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and as a result, she had the opportunity to help write speeches and prepare presentations for different events centered on human trafficking. Through this experience, Elizabeth was able to learn a lot about the nuances of the issue. She explains, “By writing these remarks and brainstorming with my supervisor, I learned so much not just about human trafficking itself but about the many issues surrounding it - our society's perception of mental health and sexual violence, the role of trauma in court proceedings, and so on.”

Elizabeth’s internship experience at the State Attorney's Office was inspiring to say the least. Seeing people commit their lives to this issue and to helping victims motivated her to work hard. Surrounded every day by the dedication of the people in her office, it became important to Elizabeth to leave her internship feeling like she helped make a difference.

Adapted from Elizabeth Klein’s Internship Report by Niamé Daffé ’18, Student Program Assistant for Communications

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