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Open House Draws Over 150 Eager '17's to the Rockefeller Center #dartmouth17s

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On Thursday, September 12th, the Rockefeller Center had its annual open house for the Class of 2017 and to say it was a resounding success is a bit of an understatement. Over one-hundred and fifty ‘17’s packed Hinman Forum to learn about all of the programs the Rockefeller Center has to offer.

Professors and students alike took the time to talk to the ‘17’s and explain what the Center has to offer. This includes the public policy minor, the Policy Research Shop, the Dartmouth-Oxford Exchange Program at Keble College, and funding the center offers for students to pursue public policy internships.

In addition, the ‘17’s also took the time to review programs that are a little more timely for them such as our popular (and competitive) First Year Fellows Program and Civic Skills Training. They were also treated to a glimpse of their futures with the introduction of the Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP), the Rocky Leadership Fellows (RLF), and the honors thesis grants that the Center gives out to seniors.

Student discussion leaders were also on hand to introduce the freshmen to the groups that the Center offers like POLItalk and Voxmasters. Attendees learned about the Public Programs that the Center will be offering this Fall as well, including lectures by Annette Gordon-Reed’ 81 and William Neukom ’64.
Overall, over 400 students attended our orientation programs which included the Open House and the Information Expo on Tuesday, September 10th

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