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PBPL 85 Global Policy Leadership Participant Heather Szilagyi '15

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This post is part of a series on the Global Policy Leadership Practicum through PBPL 85. Students reflect on their experiences as part the travel abroad portion of the course to Northern Ireland during the winter break.

The Global Policy Leadership Practicum touched down in London after a long day of travel on December 3, 2014. We are tasked with producing a policy “white paper” outlining lessons learned from the Northern Ireland peace process that could be applied to other seemingly intractable conflicts around the world, but this prodigious assignment did not stop us from taking advantage of our time in London. We mingled with native Londoners, including our fellow classmate, at Borough Market and a local comedy club, then met more than our fair share of tourists at the London Eye and busy Christmas Markets.

Our most unique introduction to London, however, was the generous, amazing dinner we enjoyed with Dartmouth alumni at the home of John Scott '88.



Dinner at the house of John Scott '88 and his wife Deborah, who hosted the PBPL 85 students along with other London area Dartmouth alumni.

We did get started on our actual assignment, first at a meeting with the Political Editor of The Economist, James Astill. We then met with three former British soldiers who shared their experiences and insights on serving for the Army at the time of the “Troubles.” Both meetings were a prelude for what is to come—experienced academics, politicians, journalists, and other key actors imparting their wisdom as our group of 12 collaborates on our final recommendations.

-Written by Heather Szilagyi ’15, Global Policy Leadership Practicum Fall Term 2014 Participant



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