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Policy Research Shop Testimony: April 15, 2009

Sue Minter discusses Vermont transportation funding levels with PRS students Tara Wohlgemuth and Christine Souffrant

PRS students Kahlie Dufrense, Tara Wohlgemuth, Christine Souffrant, and Chase Raines present their research to the VT House and Senate Transportation Committees

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Rockefeller Policy Research Shop Students Testify on Public Transportation in Vermont

On Wednesday, April 15, 2009, four Dartmouth students from Policy Research Shop in the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center testified before the Vermont House and Senate Transportation Committees in the historic Vermont Senate Chamber. Dartmouth seniors Kahlie Dufresne and Tara Wohlgemuth and sophomores Chase Raines and Christine Souffrant presented the key findings in their report, “Public Transportation in Vermont: An Assessment of Applicable Methods of Improvement and Funding for Vermont Transportation.”

Speaking before a group of more than two dozen Vermont legislators as well as representatives from the Vermont Department of Transportation and directors of regional transportation authorities, the PRS students offered a Powerpoint presentation to convey their findings regarding possible improvements in information collaboration as well as possible infrastructure and route links between the thirteen regional transportation systems across the state. Vermont Representative Sue Minter, sponsor of the PRS research project, introduced the students to the joint-committee session of the House and Senate Transportation Committees.

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