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Policy Research Shop Testimony: April 23, 2009

NH Rep. Liz Merry and PRS students Anya Perret and Alicia Modeen respond to questions from the audience following the presentation

PRS students Anya Perret, Alicia Modeen, Karen Doster, and Jennifer Murray present their findings before the NH Mental Health Caucus

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Policy Research Shop Students Testify before the New Hampshire Mental Health Caucus in Concord

On Thursday, April 23, 2009, four Dartmouth students from the Policy Research Shop in the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center traveled to Concord, New Hampshire to testify before the New Hampshire Mental Health Caucus on the topic of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Insurance Parity. The Caucus is an informal legislative group comprised members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and Senate, but it also includes representatives of outside stakeholder organizations from around the state.

Rep. Liz Merry, Caucus Chair, introduced PRS students Karen Doster, Alicia Modeen, Jennifer Murray, and Anya Perret to the overflow audience of legislators and mental health organization leaders. The PRS students discussed the current state of insurance parity relating to mental health and substance abuse coverage. They also addressed the potential impacts of recent federal legislation on insurance coverage in New Hampshire. Following the presentation, Rep. Merry formally expressed her thoughts to the Rockefeller Center staff: "Please extend my thanks to the entire group, including Karen, Alicia, Jennifer, and Anya, for the wonderful presentation they made yesterday to the Mental Health Caucus. After my early warning to you all about concerning low attendance [floor activity in the House during the meeting time], I was pleased with the ‘standing room only crowd' and the attention they paid to every word!... Keep up the good work and focus on this important social issue."

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