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Professor Michele Tine Dicusses Research on Working Memory Differences at SPRIG Faculty Workshop

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On June 7, 2011, the Social Psychology Research Interest Group (SPRIG) Faculty Workshop hosted Dr. Michele Tine, an Assistant Professor in the Education Department at Dartmouth College. In a presentation entitled "Uncovering Working Memory Differences in Rural and Urban Poverty", Professor Tine described an in-progress study of verbal and visual working memory among low-SES urban and rural children. The study shows that low-SES urban children seem to have larger overall working memory deficits, but low-SES rural children have particularly poor visual working memory. Professor Tine argued that it is important to determine the unique cognitive profiles of rural and urban children so that educational interventions can be effectively implemented and educational policies can be effectively designed based on local needs.
The Social Psychology Research Interest Group (SPRIG) is an interdisciplinary workshop devoted to research on social behavior.  It is supported by the Rockefeller Center and includes faculty and graduate students from Psychological and Brain Sciences, Sociology, Economics, the Tuck School of  Business, the Dartmouth Medical School, Philosophy, Computer Science, and Government. These workshops are focused on empirical research devoted to understanding social behavior broadly defined.  The group has been convened by Jay Hull, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences, since 2003 with the assistance of Jane DaSilva of the Rockefeller Center for the Social Sciences.

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