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RBEL Host Prof. Punam Keller

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Read a student's account of a recent session of Rockefeller Business and Entrepreneurial Leaders, one of our student-led groups.

I had the pleasure of partaking in Professor Punam Keller’s lecture on Doing Well and Doing Good, an excellently crafted session discussing the different avenues of marketing. As I narrow down my possible career paths, Keller’s lecture reestablished my interest in marketing. Professor Keller began by explaining the three aspects of leadership: Focus, Innovation, and Inspiration. There is always a choice, and as a student, I am presented with choices that may determine the rest of my career. In order to find that choice, one must focus his attention on one thing and become the go-to person for that specific activity. Whether it is marketing, design, or consulting, one must always strive to achieve focus in order to be an effective leader in his industry. This especially rang true to my current undergraduate experience. As involved as I am, I have begun to strain myself in my organizations and am losing focus. Keller has inspired me to reevaluate my involvements and produce better results in the process.

Additionally, Keller asked her audience to think about whom we are going to convince or inspire with our products. In her current experience, that audience is Tuck students. As a professor of social marketing, Keller has specialized her craft to inspire students in revolutionizing the collective wellbeing of societies around the world. Her success stems from her masterful blend of public advocacy, business, and marketing that allows her to work in an industry she loves. Keller states her work is a win-win situation: it’s a win for companies, a win for society, and a win for her wellbeing. 

-Andres Ramirez '14

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