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Recognizing Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant Charlotte Snow '15

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In this series, the Rockefeller Center features our Student Program Assistants, student staff who contribute significantly to the success of the Center’s events, programs, and activities.

As a Government major with a focus in public policy and international relations, Charlotte Snow '15 noticed that the Rockefeller Center offered her a seamless combination of her interests inside and outside of the classroom. She first came to this realization during the last presidential election, when the Center hosted a wide variety of relevant speakers, all of whom Charlotte was eager to follow. She then continued to attend programs sponsored by the Rockefeller Center until she finally became a Student Program Assistant in the fall of 2014.

Student Program Assistant Charlotte Snow '15. Photo by Sally Kim '16.

Charlotte specifically works in student outreach. She covers all aspects of social media—the Rockefeller Center’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram—to advertise everything that the Center has to offer and to encourage more students to become involved. In today’s social media-centered age, Charlotte’s role with the Center’s virtual presence is especially important. On each of these platforms, Charlotte shares pictures of events to give a visual image of what we do at the Rockefeller Center.

"From her first day on the job, Charlotte has been a super partner in discussing strategies and trying out new ideas," says her supervisor, Elizabeth Celtrick, Assistant Director for Co-Curricular Programs. "I also really appreciate her dependability and professionalism." The student communications positions at the Center require the student staff to be responsive to requests, sometimes on very short notice. "Charlotte obviously manages her time well. She gets things done, does them well, with little fuss. Those qualities will serve her well in her professional life after graduation," says Elizabeth.

The homepage of the Rockefeller Center’s website is also a part of Charlotte’s work. She constantly updates this page as well as the Rockefeller Center’s weekly calendar, advertising events and programs. Charlotte is connected to essentially all of the staff at the Center as she constantly communicates with the program directors to determine what they would like posted on the website. Additionally, she works with Tyler Stoff '15, a fellow Student Program Assistant who is in charge of the Rockefeller Center's blog. Together, they decide on what relevant and exciting things from the blog should be shared with the student body vis-à-vis social media.

"One thing that I love about working at Rocky is how welcoming and friendly everyone is," says Charlotte. "My position has allowed me to work with almost everyone at Rocky and it has been so wonderful getting know all of the staff. They are genuinely interested in your studies and helping you prepare for work in the real world."

Charlotte’s position keeps her in touch with everyone and everything at the Rockefeller Center, allowing her to take full advantage of the Center’s best qualities. After working with the Center for several terms, she has enhanced her website design, outreach, and advertising knowledge, compiling a skillset that will prove useful to her well after graduation.

-Written by Nikita Bakhru '17, Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant  

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