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Recognizing Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant: Mary Sieredzinski ‘17

Mary Sieredzinski

Mary Sieredzinski ‘17, Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant for the Management and Leadership Development Program

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Mary Sieredzinski ’17 is incredibly busy on campus, as she runs varsity track and field, works as a shift leader GreenCorps, serves as the vice president to campus affairs in her sorority, and is in the fellowship of Christian athletes. But for the fourth successive term, Mary has also made the time to be a student program assistant for the Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP).  Mary first participated in the program in the winter of her sophomore year, and she enjoyed it so much she wanted to help the program function behind the scenes.

“I really like working with a large group of students,” Mary says. “There’s always a learning moment, like an ‘a ha!’ moment in every session, and I really enjoy watching people react to that.”  Mary says she first wanted to participate in MLDP to “sharpen my leadership skillset and learn more.” 

Mary enjoys working at Rocky because of the professional work environment.  “As far as on campus jobs go, it feels more similar to a real life job,” Mary says. “A lot of my co-workers are adults.”  She says that she really enjoys working with the Center staff.  “Everyone who works there is really positive—humorous, but very smart, bright, and driven,” Mary says. She also says the staff are “feedback-oriented,” and is constantly trying to improve itself. 

“I really appreciate Mary’s exuberant positive energy,” says supervisor Robin Frye.  “The tangible contributions she’s made, a good looking poster and a lively video, are continually used in our marketing. Mary takes her role as MLDP student assistant very seriously and is a great example of excellent leadership in the program.”

In the classroom, Mary studies government, public policy, and sociology.  After Dartmouth, she hopes to go to business school and apply the management and leadership skills she’s learned through leading MLDP. 

Submitted by Doug Phipps, Student Program Assistant for Student Outreach and Communication

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