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Recognizing Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant May Nguyen '18

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In this series, the Rockefeller Center features our Student Program Assistants, student staff who contribute significantly to the success of the Center’s events, programs, and activities.

May Nguyen '18 started working at the Rockefeller Center from the fall of her first year at Dartmouth. She is a Student Photographer, a position which entails going to the many events and programs that are hosted by the Center on a regular bases. At these events, May takes pictures which she then screens and submits to be used in the Rockefeller Center’s blog posts, brochures, bulletin boards and other promotions.

Student Photographer May Nguyen '18.

Photography has always been a passion for May, so working at the Rockefeller Center was a great way for her to pursue her passion. In the months that she has worked at the Center, May has gained a lot more than just a further pursuit of photography. She explains the best thing about being a photographer at the Rockefeller Center is that "I will always get to listen in on very interesting lectures and meet the different speakers. Most of the time I learn a lot just from standing there and actively listening to what is going on. It is really fun for me. That is the best part."

The Rockefeller Center has also been an integral part of May’s learning process at Dartmouth. She explains that working at the Center has made her more aware of the world and led her to think about how to be a leader. She explains "I would say I am more aware of issues such as diversity, self awareness, and leadership because of Rocky...I heard a lot of those qualities being emphasized at the Center, and I feel like leadership is a core value at Rocky. It always reminds me that I have to be a leader and I have to be self aware."

Elizabeth Celtrick, May's supervisor and Assistant Director of Co-Curricular Programs at the Rockefeller Center, explains that May has become an essential part of the Center’s student staff. She says that "May is a super photographer and it’s rare to see her without her camera...The Rockefeller Center needs quality photos for our website and blog, printed materials, and on the Center’s numerous bulletins boards. You will find May’s work on all of these. I have to remind myself that she is an '18, because it seems like she’s been part of the Rocky photographer staff for much longer than that. We really have come to depend on her so much. I look forward to having her work for us for years to come."

Apart from all of her great experiences at the center, May also explains that she has made a lot of good friends at the Center. She says, "My friends at Rocky are super friendly and I am really glad that I met them." May intends to major in Economics modified with Computer Science.

-Written by Niamé Daffé ’18, Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant

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