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Recognizing the Rockefeller Center's Student Program Assistants: Theo Wilson '17

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In this series, the Rockefeller Center features our Student Program Assistants, student staff who contribute significantly to the success of the Center’s events, programs, and activities.

Student Program Assistant Theo Wilson '17

Theo Wilson’s interview did not go more than a few minutes before the Rockefeller Center staff knew that he was the perfect candidate to assist in the design of the Center’s annual holiday reception and welcome guests to the reception. "He’s just so much fun and personable," shared Joanne Needham, Theo's supervisor and the Rockefeller Center’s Coordinator of Public and Special Events. "We knew that he would be a great addition to our student staff, and he proved that over the ensuing weeks in more ways than one." Following the first week’s festivities, Theo spent the remaining three weeks at the Center gathering and analyzing data from the public lecture programs hosted by the Rockefeller Center throughout the school year. His diligent work and resourcefulness brought to completion a project that had been in a holding pattern for over a year.

When asked about what it was like working with Joanne Needham, Theo replied, "My favorite part about working at Rocky was seeing her every day. Her spirit is a type that creates a happiness in the room you can sort of reach out and touch, and that made me excited go in. She also had really cool stories – I absolutely love them!"

Theo also assisted with the preparations for the Create Your Path Capstone session by identifying approaches that would comfortably encourage student engagement. "By his immediate engagement and interest in this program and its potential role in student life, Theo gave me a lot of useful feedback about the program from a student’s perspective," said Program Coordinator, Sam Williamson, "which is tremendously valuable."

Theo Wilson is a member of the Class of 2017. He is currently considering a Mathematics major with a minor in Portuguese. His job title at the Rockefeller Center is "Student Program Assistant for Special Projects," and his supervisor is Joanne Needham.

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