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Recognizing Tori Nevel ’16, Internship Program Student Assistant

Tori Nevel

Tori Nevel ’16, a Government major and French minor, works at the Rockefeller Center as the Student Program Assistant for the Rockefeller Internship Program.

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Tori Nevel ’16 is a Government major and French minor, who started working at the Rockefeller Center this past fall term as the Student Program Assistant for the Rockefeller Internship Program. Tori’s work at the Center includes writing and editing blog posts related to internship opportunities, organizing the historical data of students who have receive internship funding from the Rockefeller Center, and answering questions from current students seeking funding.

“Tori has been an incredible addition to the Rockefeller Student Staff. Having performed multiple internships herself, she has contributed significantly to the Rockefeller Internships blog with helpful tips and internship opportunities. In the upcoming months, we are looking forward to having her advise students seeking public policy internships,” says Sam Williamson, Program Officer for Co-Curricular Programs at the Center.

Tori finds it very interesting to read through current and past applications, and appreciates the scope of the work she is given. She explains, “I have had a lot of campus jobs over the past four years, and this is definitely one of the ones that I like the best. I feel like I am actually getting value for my work. I have a lot of options on what I can do, and where I can use my skills, which is great because in a lot of other jobs you are just told to do a certain task.” When asked what she likes best about working at the Center, Tori says she likes the fact that the Center is a relaxed and friendly environment. She further explains, “The staff who work at Rocky are all really nice. They always say hi to me when I see them off campus or out of the Rockefeller Center.”  

Tori’s job at the Center is not as interactive as some of the other student program assistant positions, who work for example with DLAB, MLDP or RGLP, but she appreciates the fact that through her job at Rocky, she is able to meet and interact with the Rockefeller Staff, as students are not given too many opportunities to get to know different staff members across campus.

Interested in attending law school after Dartmouth, Tori really appreciates how this particular job has strengthened her writing skills and exposed her to a variety of applications and different student experiences. A couple of experiences have been actually inspiring. “I have been able to see firsthand the opportunities the Center offers. For example, over the summer I met a Dartmouth alumnae who formerly worked for the Obama Administration. She arranged for all of the Dartmouth students interning in DC to go bowling at the White House.” Tori got to read this alumnae’s original Rocky internship application which was her first connection to the White House, from where she moved up in the ranks. “It is just really cool to see stuff like that, and to see all of these connections being made through the Rockefeller Center,” she explains.

Submitted by Niamé Daffé ’18, Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant.

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