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Register Now for the 2014 New Hampshire Millennial Action Summit on May 3!

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2014 New Hampshire Millennial Action SummitA Symposium on Healthcare and Education in the 21st CenturySaturday, May 3, at Dartmouth College 
Register here. Early registration ends on Tuesday, April 22nd.

Expert speakers and industry executives will come together to discuss the changing healthcare and education landscapes. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend a keynote, two breakouts, and three panels.  

Education topics include: 
Common Core curriculum, teacher preparation and quality instruction, meaning assessment, and higher education cost transformations.

Healthcare topics include: 
Value-based care, pharmaceutical and biotech growth, non-physician primary care providers, and innovations in health care delivery.

Breakout sessions involve active participation and will allow for thoughtful discussion and debate.

Preliminary List of Speakers and Panelists:

  • Philip Hanlon, PhD, President, Dartmouth College
  • Elliott Fisher, MD, MPH, Director, The Dartmouth Institute; Director, Population Health
  • Gene Harkless, DNSC, ARNP, President, New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association
  • Charles Wheelan, PhD, Founder, The Centrist Project
  • Nick Troiano, Co-Founder, The Can Kicks Back; National Campus Director, Americans Elect
  • Stuart Kahl, PhD, President Emeritus, Measured Progress
  • Arthur McKee, PhD, Managing Director, National Council on Teacher Quality
  • Bill Duncan, President, Advancing New Hampshire Public Education
  • Andrew Kelly, PhD, Director, Center on Higher Education Reform

To see the event's schedule, please click here. Please reach out with any questions to

Event Sponsored by:
The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center, The Office of the President, and The William Jewett Tucker Foundation

About the Millennial Action Coalition: The Coalition is a grassroots advocacy group that looks to mobilize students and communities around an actionable agenda and leverage our collective voice for tangible change. It seeks pressing issues within healthcare and education that demand attention and coalition members strive to address them through innovative, state-based action. The coalition will be tweeting in the weeks leading up to the conference at @CoalitionVoices; follow to stay informed!

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