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Reminder: Dartmouth #LawDay Activities May 2 - 3

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Law Day at Dartmouth is, simply put, an event worth attending. Last year’s program, which included a lecture by the Solicitor General of the U.S. Mr. Donald B. Verilli, Jr. and a panel of lawyers, congressmen and Dartmouth Government Department faculty among others, provided an exciting look into reality of the separation of powers in U.S. government.

This year, the focus of the Law Day has greatly expanded. On Thursday, May 2, the Rockefeller Center will be hosting an afternoon talk featuring successful litigator of Roe v. Wade, Sarah Weddington, Anita LaFrance Allen of UPenn Law School, and Janet Benshoof, President of the Global Justice Center. The talk, entitled “Conversation about Body Politics: Women, Families, and Reproductive Rights” will kick off an exciting two days of law-related programming. Join us at 12PM in Room 003 at the Rockefeller Center for this exciting kick-off event moderated by Dartmouth Professor Susan Brison.

Sarah Weddington will also give a Thursday evening entitled “Some Leaders are Born Women!” Join us at 4:30PM in Room 003 at the Rockefeller Center to hear more about female leadership in the legal world. For instance, women are often the ones who have the key skills required in top leadership positions, yet few women hold these high-profile titles. This session will include laughter and learning as participants share a look at the historical factors that have contributed to this situation, at the perfect "fit" today of what women have to offer, and how participants can enhance their own personal leadership skills.

On Friday, May 3, the Rockefeller Center is excited to be continuing Law Day events for the Dartmouth community with two additional panels of Dartmouth alumni speakers and lawmakers. Dartmouth alumni Bruce Duthu ’80 and Julie Kalish ‘91 will speak in a panel on “Societal Impacts of Civil Rights Cases before the Roberts Court”. The panel will discuss several civil rights cases that have been or are being argued before the Supreme Court of the United States. These cases include: the Windsor (DOMA) and Hollingsworth (Prop 8) cases; the very recent case of Adoptive Parents v. Baby Girl, which addresses the scope of the Indian Child Welfare Act; the Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin affirmative action case; and the Shelby County, Alabama v. Holder voting rights case. Join us at 3:30PM in Room 002 at the Rockefeller Center for this alumni panel on recent civil rights cases.

Following this event, will be the Career Panel: “Having It All in Law: Questions and Reflections on Legal Careers” which is open to all Dartmouth students. For those wondering if they will choose to become an attorney, this will be a tell-all that shouldn’t be missed. Panelists will include Julie Connolly ’84, Julie Connolly Law, PLLC, Concord, NH, Sue Finegan '85, Pro Bono Partner, Mintz Levin, Boston; Sarah Merlo '00, Attorney, Vitt Brannen & Loftus, PLC, Norwich, VT, and will be moderated by Alexandra Meise Bay '01, Associate, Foley Hoag, Washington, DC. Join us for this event at 4:45 in Room 002 at the Rockefeller Center.

These events are co-sponsored with the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, the Dartmouth Legal Studies Faculty Group, and the Dartmouth Lawyers Association. The bios for all speakers are available on the Rockefeller Center’s Upcoming Events webpage.

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