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RGLP Recap: Capoeira with Fabio Nascimento (2)

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This is a session recap of the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program (RGLP) from a participant's perspective.

RGLP participants engage in lively dance with the guidance of Fabio Nascimento. Photo by Philip Son '16.

This week in RGLP, we had a cultural experience different from anything thus far in the program. We participated in capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that utilizes forms of music, dance, and various acrobatics. Our instructor, Fabio Nascimento, has been instructing for years, and was not only extremely welcoming, but personable and outspoken throughout the entire session. 
It is always challenging when engaging in a new activity, especially when it is part of another culture, but our instructor made it easy for us all to engage in what we were doing. He introduced various concepts regarding how one should present oneself confidently and proudly in this culture, and how one should not be restrained when engaging in art forms such as capoeira
We began the session by playing instruments and singing lively. We later transitioned into some dancing, where we were encouraged to not be afraid of engaging with our partners. At this point, many students seemed to become more open and willing to try new things. At the end of the session we were taught some very active acrobatics that were a mix between acrobatics and dancing. 
Engaging in a session such as this not only allowed us to open our minds, but also challenged us to utilize the various concepts of cultural acceptance that we have learned and discussed amongst one another. It is very easy to talk about different aspects of culture, but the true test occurs when one must actively engage in cultural activities. I believe this session has truly shifted all of our perspectives, by allowing us to engage in a cultural activity that will make us more open and enthusiastic about aspects of other cultures in the future. By experiencing capoeira, we not only became more cohesive as a group, but we all moved at step forward in our progression towards becoming global citizens.
-Written by Alex Jarvis '16, RGLP Fall 2015 Participant
This ongoing series explores sessions of the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program (RGLP) through participant narratives. RGLP engages Dartmouth students who have demonstrated leadership skills and would like to extend these skills on a globally conscious level. In this program, students focus on and further develop international leadership competencies, which have become increasingly crucial in corporate, public and non-profit sectors today.

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