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Roberto Lopez '17 on Management and Leadership


Roberto Lopez ’17 working on a group activity in MLDP spring 2015.


Roberto Lopez ’17's (third from the left in the back row) team completes the outdoor challenge in Steven Spaulding’s session in MLDP spring 2015.

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Professor Jennifer Sargent, Visiting Associate Professor of Writing at Dartmouth College, facilitates one of the most popular Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP) sessions, "Writing and Workplace Etiquette." MLDP is a one-term program designed to engage students through hands-on learning of core managmeent and leaderhsip skills.

I have found myself using what I learned in Professor Jennifer Sargent's session on a daily basis. Sargent explained how leadership qualities carry over to writing tasks and etiquette, and she gave us a full breakdown of the do’s and don’ts of writing in the workplace to effectively execute those actions.

"You can't be too professional - ever," says Sargent.

It is hard to believe that I went so long without considering how to best write a correspondence to my employers or my professors. I have since utilized this skill innumerable times in my jobs and in my classes, and I have been able to share these tips with my friends. Because of MLPD, I can help my friends, and from time to time, my co-workers write appropriate e-mails to potential employers, program volunteers, and professors.

This skill, along with many of the other skills that I learned during my time in the Management and Leadership Development Program, have made it one of my most prized experiences at Dartmouth.

-Written by Roberto Lopez '17, 15S Management and Leadership Development Participant

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