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The Rockefeller Center Welcomes the Class of 2014 at Dimensions!

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The Rockefeller Center hosted its fifth annual Dimensions Rockefeller Center Open House on Friday, April 23, 2010 as part of the Dartmouth Dimensions celebration. A record 700 prospective Dartmouth students arrived in Hanover for this year’s Dartmouth Dimensions Week. Ninety-seven of these prospective students and their parents came to learn about curricular and co-curricular programming offered at the Center. Rockefeller Center staff, student assistants, and student discussion leaders were eager to talk to prospective students about their experiences at the Rockefeller Center.

"Meeting the '14s at Dimensions gave me a chance to reflect on the wonderful experiences Rocky has made available to me and my classmates. It was hard to stay focused on only a single Rocky program or opportunity. I hope when they get to Dartmouth they continue the enthusiasm for Rocky that my classmates and I have." -Adam Halpern-Leistner '10

"Well, I can officially hang up my hat as Rocky's spokesperson, having participated in every Rocky First-Year Open House and Dimensions event since freshman year. Advertising the Rockefeller Center is always enjoyable because I get to watch prospies’ eyes widen as I tell them about what Rocky can do for their Dartmouth experience. Talking about my internship funding, my work for the Policy Research Shop, my discussion group, and RLF—all my experiences with Rocky—shows just how much the center can do for Dartmouth students." -Lucy Pollard '10

Prospective students shared their enthusiasm and asked questions about the First-Year Fellows Program, the Public Policy minor, leadership development, student discussion groups, and other programming.

"I found my fit at Dartmouth. Attending the Rockefeller Open House opened my eyes to all the possibilities I want to aspire for." -Andres Ramirez '14

"Everyone here at the Rockefeller Center—the students, the faculty, and the other prospies—were so enthusiastic about all they had to offer. It didn’t hurt that they were some of the friendliest people I’ve met so far, either." -Eric Waskowicz, Possible '14

Center staff look forward to embracing the Class of 2014 as they become involved in political and public policy opportunities at the Rockefeller Center.

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