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Rockefeller Leadership Fellow: Corey Stock '16

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This series introduces the 2015-2016 Rockefeller Leadership Fellows. Each fellow reflects on why he or she wanted to be a part of the program and what aspects of leadership most interests them.  

I study mathematics at Dartmouth, and thus have strong quantitative skills and love to use these skills in data analysis and statistics. I am also passionate about healthcare and improving the healthcare system within the US. I know that the US has strong leaders in healthcare as well as strong leaders in applied mathematics and statistical analysis, yet I believe that there is a big gap in combining these two fields to improve the US healthcare system on a local and national basis. This fusion is possible by statistically analyzing health care methods both domestically and internationally.

At Dartmouth, in 2014, I participated in Management and Leadership Development Program through the Rockefeller Center, and discovered an excitement about developing my leadership skills that I had not seen so clearly in the past. This spring, I am participating in Rockefeller Global Leadership Program, and am already learning some key skills that open my leadership to a global scale. One lasting point that I have learned from these programs is the importance of learning both the strengths and cultural differences of my peers when in any leadership position, and being able to use these differences in a productive manner toward a common goal.

One leadership position that has had a lasting impact on me has been this past winter, when the team of sixteen strong, fit women who had all trained more than 500 hours in the past year began to produce declining performances as the season progressed, with what I noticed as a strong correlation to declining attitudes and passion for the sport. I noticed this downward trend, and made it a point to ask each and every member to come up with her own reasons for being member of the team, what her goals are, and how she needs to act to produce the results. I noticed many women rethinking and developing a renewed sense of passion for the sport, despite the season coming to an end. I am already seeing progress in the intent and collaborative attitude of the team that has now remembered the passion within skiing and thus can produce whatever results we set our minds to. One thing in this particular situation that I would have appreciated realizing before the situation arose was being able to detect these downward spirals before they began. I am very interested in how each member of a team can contribute to the ability of the whole team, both on a skill level as well as on an attitude level, so I am eager to develop my skills even more so in detecting these attributes.

Through my passion for mathematics as well as collaboration between topics of study throughout society, I hope to add an angle to RLF from someone with a very strong quantitative background, yet extremely passionate about the importance of inter-topic communication. I also have a strong interest in developing my leadership skills to be able to produce the highest quality team, by capitalizing on each and every person’s strength.

Corey Stock ’16 is from Lincoln, Massachusetts and graduated from Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School in 2012. Corey graduated as captain of the Nordic Ski team, after winning her ninth US Junior National Championship. Corey traveled to Turkey to compete in the Nordic Skiing World Junior Championships, and competed in US nationals for cross country running. At Dartmouth, Corey is a member of the class of 2016 and majors in mathematics. Corey is co-captain of the Dartmouth Women’s Nordic Ski Team. Corey has competed at NCAA’s all three years of her Dartmouth career. Corey has also competed in World Junior Championships in Czech Republic, as well as two World Cups in Canada. Corey initiated and co-leads Female Athletes of Dartmouth, a group aiming to build a strong community within female athletic teams at Dartmouth. Corey hopes to apply her love of mathematics and statistics in a career in business or healthcare after she graduates from Dartmouth.

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