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Rockefeller Leadership Fellow: Dan Propp '18

Class of 2018 Rockefeller Leadership Fellow Dan Propp '18 is an Earth Science major with a Music minor from California.

Dan Propp '18 actively listens to the speaker with other Class of 2018 Rockefeller Leadership Fellows during one session. 

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This series introduces the 2017-2018 Rockefeller Leadership Fellows. Each fellow reflects on why he or she wanted to be a part of the program and what aspects of leadership most interests them.

As far as aspects of leadership, I am interested in how leaders can help individuals and groups reach their full potential. Additionally, I am interested in the capacity of effective leadership to bring about cultural shifts; a good leader can lead a group successfully to a goal, but a great leader can completely change a dialogue.

For me, being a RLF is largely a chance to meet student leaders who I find inspiring. The group consists of a number of fantastically intelligent and charismatic individuals, and I look forward not only to learning from them, but also growing alongside them.

A native of California, Dan Propp ’18 arrived at Dartmouth after graduating from Menlo-Atherton High School. Here, he is pursuing a degree in Earth Science with a minor in Music. Long an advocate of environmental sustainability, Dan has held positions with the Dartmouth Office of Sustainability, the Southwest Conservation Corps, and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Ultimately, he hopes to put his knowledge of the natural sciences to work in mitigating global climate change. In addition to his involvement with the sustainability community, Dan has been committed to helping the Dartmouth Outing Club improve student access to the outdoors, serving as chair of the DMC, chair of the Environmental Studies Division, and leader of a First-Year Trip. On campus, Dan engages in musical performance and performs community service (with SEAD and COVER). After graduation, he hopes to work with clean energy providers.

Edited by Alexandrea Keith '20, Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant for Communications

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