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Rockefeller Leadership Fellow: Deep Singh '17

Deep Singh '17 is an Economics and Philosophy major. Photo by Phil Son. 

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This series introduces the 2016-2017 Rockefeller Leadership Fellows. Each fellow reflects on why he or she wanted to be a part of the program and what aspects of leadership most interests them.

I believe that my participation in RLF will help improve some of my underdeveloped leadership qualities and equip me with the tools necessary for effective management.

I am currently the Student Program Assistant for the Dartmouth Leadership Attitudes and Behaviors (D-LAB) program and President of Alpha Theta Gender Inclusive Greek House. My past leadership experience also includes being a D-LAB facilitator, Recruitment Chair and the New Member Chair for Alpha Theta, and team strategist for the policy debate team. In terms of leadership training, I have participated in multiple GLOS president workshops, engaged in critical reflective exercises, and developed a facilitator-training program. These activities were integral in increasing my awareness of my own leadership style, values, and my peers’ values. I am greatly interested in how I can balance my leadership style to those with different styles.

As President of Alpha Theta, one of my immediate challenges has been to improve our house attendance. To resolve this issue, I proposed an amendment to make certain house events mandatory for officers only, which I hoped would incentivize other members to attend if all of the officers also attended. I have learned that the best way to increase participation is through incentivization rather than force.

I will add my ability to facilitate controversial conversations to the RLF program. Alpha Theta is an organization where members openly discuss social issues, such as identity politics, oppression, and political correctness. As a result, I understand how to facilitate discussions on controversial issues while also maintaining neutrality as a facilitator. Through RLF, I also hope to translate these facilitation skills to concrete management skills for my potential career in consulting. I believe that through the speakers, events, and emphasis on leadership theory, RLF will allow me to expand and build on my current skills.

Deep Singh ’17 comes from Highland, MD and graduated top of his class from River Hill High School. At Dartmouth, Deep is pursuing a double major in Economics and Philosophy. As a freshman and sophomore, Deep was an active participant in the Dartmouth Forensics Union, where he competed at multiple tournaments and qualified to the National Debate Tournament. He is currently the President of Alpha Theta, and has previously served as the Greek House’s Recruitment and New Member Chairs. Deep is also the Student Program Coordinator for the Rockefeller Center’s Dartmouth Leadership Attitudes & Behaviors program, where he has previously served as a facilitator. Outside of campus, Deep has interned in economic consulting, and after graduation plans on working in the finance industry and attending business school.

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