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Rockefeller Leadership Fellow: Zonia Moore '16

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This series introduces the 2015-2016 Rockefeller Leadership Fellows. Each fellow reflects on why he or she wanted to be a part of the program and what aspects of leadership most interests them.

The Rockefeller Leadership Fellows Program interests me because there are not many spaces on campus where one reflects on one’s own leadership skills, studies ways to improve, and then uses that knowledge to polish and refine for the future. Around this time of year, there is a scramble for the various leadership positions around campus, sometimes out of a desire to have something to put on one’s resume and other times out of dedication to an organization. However, it is less often a choice based on the aspiration to improve as a leader. I aspire to develop my leadership skills through RLF, and want to engage in an active discussion about all the aspects of leadership. In doing so, I will be able to not only learn from reflecting on my past experiences, but also from speakers with far more knowledge than me and peers who have had different experiences and challenges while on campus.

The careers I am seriously considering at present are medical school, consulting, and business administration. Having aspired to be a physician since childhood, I currently am exploring other options before making the commitment to attending medical school. As I see it, being intentional about my choices, instead of just rushing through the process, is key to both happiness and success down the line. To help in my professional development, I have engaged in Management Leadership for Tomorrow’s Career Preparation Fellows program, the Rockefeller Center’s Management Leadership Development Program, as well as the ‘Lunch with a Dean’ events during 14X that focused on leadership and professional development. On campus, I have been involved in a number of leadership positions, beginning my freshman winter when I chaired the Winter Carnival Ball, followed by spearheading the marketing for Dartmouth Caribbean Connection’s Carnival during my freshman spring. I became heavily involved in GlobeMed at Dartmouth as a sophomore, where I first stepped up to organize campaigns before being elected as the Executive Director of Communications for 14X-14F. I also served as The Dartmouth’s Photo Editor twice during 14X, competed in the Startup Experience Entrepreneurship Competition, and went on the Alternative Spring Break trip to the Dominican Republic. I have led a number of projects for my sorority, Delta Delta Delta. One of these projects was chairing the annual summer fundraiser for our internal scholarship fund. As a part of this, I had to plan and execute a Parent’s Weekend Brunch to which the sisters and their families were invited. To raise money, we asked for donations from the parents, and had a picture of all of the sisters available for purchase.

I have an open mind, dedication, and a unique perspective to add to the next delegation of Rockefeller Leadership Fellows. Not only have I participated in a diverse array of leadership positions on campus, but I also come from a different background than most, as I am a citizen of 4 nations. Due to this and the international travel I have been fortunate enough to experience, my perspective has always been global and inclusive, not merely how an event affects me or where I live. Above and beyond learning from speakers of RLF, I simply want to be surrounded by the incredible people of the class of 2016. Some of the best advice I have recently received is to surround oneself with people one thinks are smarter and more accomplished than oneself: this way one is always learning and pushing oneself to improve.

Zonia Moore '16 grew up in Pittsburgh, and is from the Caribbean. She graduated from Vincentian Academy in 2012 along with an IB Diploma. At Dartmouth, she studies Romance Languages and the pre-medical curriculum. She has conducted research in both Biology and Biomedical Engineering since freshman year. Zonia is a photographer for The Dartmouth and The Aegis, as well as an Engagement Manager for Dartmouth Consulting Group. Previously, she has served as the Executive Director of Communications for GlobeMed at Dartmouth, and enjoys playing tennis and human-centered design thinking. Zonia was an intern for Blueprint Talent group on her off term and for Boston Consulting Group in the summer of 2015. She is looking into staying in consulting or attending medical school after graduation.

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