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Rockefeller Mini-Grants Program Recap: Link Up Dinner

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Each term, Link Up hosts the Proud to be a Woman Dinner in Alumni Hall, catered by the Hanover Inn. The event features a speaker and includes facilitated discussions at the tables. This term's speaker was Susan Brison, Professor of Philosophy at Dartmouth.

Professor Brison spoke about her experience surviving sexual assault and how music and the arts helped her get through. We felt Professor Brison's story was important because it gave a personal face to an often hidden experience, especially here at Dartmouth. Her focus on the ability of the arts to uplift was timed in order to align with the Year of the Arts.

The table conversations are sometimes the most important moments for the event and for the organization; through them, women can feel included within the community of women and Dartmouth and find points of parity between themselves and others that they may not have felt before that night. These dinners foster relationships betweenwomen on campus.

Part of the goal of Link Up is to bridge the divide between first-year women and upperclass-women and to support and continue these relationships after the Proud to be a Woman Dinner.  Students, faculty, and staff alike gave great feedback about many of the discussions that occurred at the tables.

This session was co-sponsored by the Rockefeller Center's mini-grant program.

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