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Rockefeller Student Assistant Profile: Joshua Schiefelbein '14

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During the break, we are taking the time to appreciate the many student program assistants that help the Rockefeller Center run smoothly. Without the support and time of these students, many of our programs would not yield the same impact and outreach that currently exists for Dartmouth students. This series of posts will document the daily tasks of student program assistants, what they do, and anything else they care to share about their experiences. Today we have Joshua Schiefelbein, a member of the class of 2014 pursuing a Russian Area Studies major. 

What are you involved in on campus?
I am currently affiliated with the Phi Tau Co-educational Fraternity, the Edgerton Episcopal Center, the Marching Band, Sport Business @ Dartmouth, and the Dartmouth Chamber Orchestra.

 What is your position at Rocky? If you have held other positions, what have they been? 
I'm currently working as a student assistant who helps facilitate Rocky's Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP). I've also helped the Center organize the Republican Presidential Primary Debate that occurred Fall 2011 as well as some special projects for the Center. As the MLDP student assistant, I order food for the Tuesday sessions, respond to students' question via e-mail, and other tasks that require each sessions to run smoothly.

How did you hear about Rocky? What made you want to be involved? 
I first heard about Rocky as I was applying to Dartmouth. I'm extremely interested in politics and public policy and the opportunity to take Public Policy classes and work for the center was one of the factors that assisted my decision to choose Dartmouth over my other options.

What has been your experience working at Rocky? What are some highlights and difficulties you have encountered on the job?
My experience has been pretty positive overall. The biggest highlight was working on the Republican Primary Debate where I was able to meet some of the candidates, organize the student volunteers and the watch party in Leede Arena, and experience all the effort and work the debate entailed as it was happening. It was definitely a great experience. As for difficulties, the only times I've found something difficult has been if I've had to do something that I'd never previously done such as mass e-mails using "mail merge" or adopting the right voice for a blog post.

Are there any particular skills you have used as an assistant that you have utilized in other organizations/clubs on campus or in an internship?
The two main skills I've been using are communications and organization.

Has it been difficult to juggle an on-campus job with your academic and social commitments? 
It hasn't been extremely difficult. Most of the time you're able to schedule the time you work however you want. I'd advise that the occasions where you do have work and class the next day, eliminate as many distractions as possible so that you work more efficiently. And once you get all your work done, then you can do whatever you want. Granted, that's something easier said than done.

What advice would you give students who may want to get involved with Rocky through public programs or as a program student assistant?
I'd tell them to talk to the Center Staff and get to know about them. Also, ask them how you can get involved, what you can do, and take MLDP in order to become eligible to be a student assistant.

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