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Rockefeller Student Assistant Profile: Nick Judson '14

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During the break, we are taking the time to appreciate the many student program assistants that help the Rockefeller Center run smoothly. Without the support and time of these students, many of our programs would not yield the same impact and outreach that currently exists for Dartmouth students. This series of posts will document the daily tasks of student program assistants, what they do, and anything else they care to share about their experiences. Today we have Nick Judson, a member of the class of 2014 pursuing an Economics major with a minor in Markets, Management, and the Economy through the Sociology Department. 

   What are you involved in on campus?
I am currently a Student Assistant at the Rockefeller Center, President of the Ivy Council, Finance & Strategy Director of The Dartmouth, and member of Psi Upsilon Fraternity

What is your position at Rocky? If you have held other positions, what have they been? 
I work with Rocky as the student database assistant and a special projects assistant. On a daily basis I help manage and maintain the Rockefeller Center's relational database with Thanh Nguyen. This database helps the Center keep track of the students who participate in Rocky programs. In addition, I work with Sadhana on ad hoc projects. I began this work during my sophomore summer. 

How did you hear about Rocky? What made you want to be involved? 
I first heard about Rocky on my campus tour and I was thrilled to learn that Dartmouth had a center focused on studying leadership and preparing students to become responsible leaders in society. I think this resource is unmatched at any other Ivy.

What has been your experience working at Rocky? What are some highlights and difficulties you have encountered on the job?
I have had a wonderful time working at the Center. First, I enjoy contributing to the overall mission of preparing students to become leaders. This shared goal brings purpose to my work and I am further motivated by the passion of the Rocky staff with whom I work. Second, I am really pleased to be a member of the "Rocky Family." The staff is incredibly welcoming and very fun to be around!

Are there any particular skills you have used as an assistant that you have utilized in other organizations/clubs on campus or in an internship?
This past fall, I interned at a mid-size management consulting firm in Boston and I found myself using skills and knowledge I picked up from experiences at Rocky. For example, many of the Excel skills I learned from working with Thanh were helpful during my internship. Additionally, I often utilized my knowledge of SWOC analysis during my internship, which I first learned during MLDP.

Has it been difficult to juggle an on-campus job with your academic and social commitments? 
At times, it can be difficult to juggle an on-campus job, but time management and careful planning can make things manageable. I'm a big fan of iCal, but I understand it's not for everyone!

What advice would you give students who may want to get involved with Rocky through public programs or as a program student assistant?
I would encourage students to dive in early and get involved. There are a wealth of programs offered by Rocky and there's bound to be something that interests everybody. I encourage other students to sign up for a program or seminar at the beginning of the term before things get too hectic.

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