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Rocky Interns in DC: Internship Events and Conferences

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Morgan Wharton '13 with Mika Brzezinski after the National Journal's Woman 2020 Conference

Morgan Wharton '13 - National Research Center for Women and Families: "In July, the interns in my office were invited to the National Journal's Women 2020 Conference. The full-day event featured panels of successful women to speak about their experiences, including Nancy Pelosi, Mika Brzezinski, Valerie Jarrett, and Neera Tanden."
Lorelei Yang '15 - National Congress of American Indians: "The second week of my internship at the National Congress of American Indians, I attended a VAWA rally on Capitol Hill with my office. Even though I was working on a different project altogether, everyone from NCAI went to the rally to show support for Native women and other constituents who supported the Senate version of VAWA. The speakers at the VAWA rally were phenomenal: they spoke about the multitude of constituencies that need a strengthened VAWA, members of Congress came to speak in support of the Senate version of the bill, and — most memorably — one woman spoke about her own struggle with domestic abuse as a testament to the necessity of strengthened protections for victims of domestic abuse. Looking back on my time in D.C., attending the VAWA rally and showing my support for the Senate version of the bill was one of the most personally meaningful things I did during my time in the city."

Amanda Wheelock '13 with Congressman Charles Bass

Amanda Wheelock '13 - Sierra Club: "I got to meet with Congressman Bass (Dartmouth alum!) as part of Great Outdoors America week, a week of advocacy that brought over 200 volunteers from organizations such as Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, and Outdoor Nation to DC to talk to their Senators and Representatives about how important conserving the great outdoors and ensuring that Americans can access America's wild places really are!"
Katharine Kranenburg '13 - District of Columbia Public Schools: "I saw John Kerry speak at a fundraiser event for the Obama Campaign.  He spoke about how important renewable energy and the environment is moving forward, and how much Obama is prioritizing the environment and green jobs in his agenda.  I loved hearing someone so articulate speaking, and learned a lot about the campaign and the green movement in America."

David Bessel '15 promoting the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget's Fix the Debt campaign

David Bessel '15 - Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: "The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget is a non-partisan think tank under the New America Foundation that strives to educate the public and prominent political officials about the impending fiscal crisis. My responsibilities as an intern included writing a thorough research memorandum on past budget proposals, drafting blog posts for CRFB's "The Bottom Line" online publication, attending meetings with notable politicians and minds in Washington, and helping to organize the launch of CRFB's Fix the Debt campaign."  

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