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Rocky Remembers C. Everett Koop '36; Dedication to Medicine and Health Policy

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On Monday, February 25, former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop ’37 passed away in his Hanover home at the age of 96.

Koop will be remembered for his vibrant personality and unwavering passion to help others through medicine.  In 1993, he was honored with the Nelson A. Rockefeller Distinguished Public Service Award.

After his tenure as Surgeon General during the Reagan administration, Koop returned to his alma mater and shared his wisdom with Dartmouth students through public lectures at the Rockefeller Center. 

For example, in 1994, Dr. Koop gave a speech entitled,  "Health Care: Will Reform Deprive us of the Opportunities?" at the Hinman Forum. He stressed the importance of maintaining good health and shared personal anecdotes from his long and distinguished career in medicine and healthcare-related public policy.

In his obituary, the New York Times stated that "Koop was widely regarded as the most influential surgeon general in American history and played a crucial role in changing public attitudes about smoking." 

The Rockefeller Center is truly honored to have been enlightened by his distinguished presence on several occasions over the past decades.

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Photo courtesy of the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.

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