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Student Workshop: "Beyond Buzzwords" with Deloitte

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On September 21, 2015, The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center hosted an exciting workshop with Deloitte Consulting LLP. Participants were introduced to the design thinking process, and then had an opportunity to practice it by working in small groups to identify and solve a problem in the US education system. 

Several of the Deloitte facilitators who led the workshop were Dartmouth alums: Sahil Joshi '13, Ross Brown '14 and Garrett Shmidt '15.

It was interesting to learn how consulting firms engage with federal agencies to solve the government's most pressing issues, and how thought leadership can generate unique engagements. For the exercise, my group decided to tackle the unequal access students have to resources in order to prepare for standardized tests. It was intellectually stimulating to work with other passionate students to explore this important issue in the context of the design thinking process. Furthermore, members of the Deloitte team were present to help guide us and focus our ideas.

In small groups, students discussed different approaches to implementing programs for the Department of Education.

Overall, the workshop provided insight as to how consulting firms can use their problem-solving approaches in order to come up with solutions affecting governmental actors. Students learned about another outlet for their skills and interest in policy analysis, as well as learning about Deloitte and the work they do for the federal agencies.
-Written by Alexandros Sotiros Zervos '16, Rockefeller Student Program Assistant for Student Workshops

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