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VoxMasters Recap: Interviews with the Center for Professional Development

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VoxMasters allows students to practice impromptu public speaking in a comfortable and casual environment. At weekly, open meetings, attendees can speak extemporaneously on topics and get feedback from their peers. Read more about the Rockefeller Center's student discussion groups here.

VoxMasters is a dynamic group of students brought together by a common desire to become more confident public speakers. We meet every Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 7:00 pm at the Rockefeller Center to practice extemporaneous speeches on topics such as "Introducing a Speaker" or "Elevator Pitches." Furthermore, VoxMasters is a safe and friendly environment where students can receive constructive feedback on their public speaking skills. Last but not least, there is always free dinner!

Center for Professional Development Director Roger Woolsey demonstrates proper handshaking technique at a recent session of VoxMasters.
Photo by May Nguyen '18.

At a typical meeting, students will arrive and have dinner as we introduce the week’s topic and explain best practices on speech delivery. Students have approximately ten minutes to prepare a two-minute speech and then, one-by-one, each student delivers their speech in front of the group and receives feedback from everyone. VoxMasters stands out because it is the only group on campus that allows students to practice and receive constructive feedback on their public speaking skills.

Attendees participate in discussion at a recent session of VoxMasters in the Rockefeller Center's Class of 1930 Room. Photo by May Nguyen '18.

Earlier this term, we had a special session where our guests, Roger Woolsey, Director of the Center of Professional Development (CPD) and Matt Kuchar, Assistant Director of the Center for Professional Development, spoke about communicating with confidence during interviews. Covering topics such as handshakes, tough interview questions, and etiquette, the session highlighted all the "dos and don'ts" when in an interview situation. Nearly thirty students were in attendance. Woolsey introduced a framework to help students articulate their intent and qualifications for jobs with clarity. Students were also advised to be conscious of nonverbal forms of communication that can often greatly influence crucial first impressions. After the session, Chad Bergman '14 stated, "Roger and Matt offered great insight about conveying confidence in an interview setting. I am now more confident about how to present myself in front of employers."

Roger Woolsey converses with attendees while reviewing interview etiquette with VoxMasters. Photo by May Nguyen '18.

Our upcoming session on Wednesday, February 11th will take place in the Class of 1930 Room from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. This session will focus on developing group facilitation skills. Managing group expectations and effective team communication is a key determinant of team success. We look forward to seeing you at VoxMasters to practice facilitating group discussions.

-Written by VoxMasters Discussion Leaders Megan Mishra '17 and James Chin Th'15.

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