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What to do if the Government Shutdown is Impacting Your Internship Application

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As you may know, the United States federal government is currently shut down because Congress has failed to agree upon and pass a budget. Until a spending budget is passed, all non-essential services will be shut down. As a result, internship postings may be out of date or not posted, emails containing questions or application materials cannot be monitored, and interviews cannot be conducted for positions within the federal government. Other public policy and public affairs internships may be impacted by the shutdown as well.
While the shutdown may make securing a federal government internship difficult, the Rockefeller Center recognizes that such opportunities have been highly rewarding for past students and encourages students to pursue these opportunities. In order to ensure that students pursuing these internships will have the opportunity to receive funding, the Rockefeller Center is amending its application procedures as follows for internships affected by the shutdown:

  • If you have already secured an internship with the federal government but have not had the supervisor acceptance form completed, please email We will be able to grant an extension due to this special circumstance.
  • If you have yet to secure an internship and have not heard back from your target host organization as the funding deadline approaches, submit an application completed to the best of your ability along with a written proposal.  It is important to note that applications that are received after the deadline are not able to be considered.

The Rockefeller Center is one of several Dartmouth Centers that grants funding support for unpaid internships to undergraduates. Rockefeller Public Policy Internship Grants are designed to enable students to work in an unpaid non-profit or governmental agency on issues of public policy research, public policy analysis, issue evaluation, or activities that help shape and determine public policy - whether at the local, state or national level. Grants of up to $4,000 are awarded to students through a competitive application and interview process each term. The deadline for Winter 2014 consideration is Wednesday, October 16, 2013.

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