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Winter 2017 MLDP Students In Excellence

Front row: Trevor Colby, Monik Walters, Sydney Kamen, Kelly Caputo,  Armando Ortiz, Barbara Olachea Back row: Matus Petrovsky, Parker Johnson, Olivia Bewley, Jono Klein, Alexa Green Missing from photo: Amos Cariati. Photo by Preeti Rishi.

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Each session, participants from our Management and Leadership Development Program nominate their peers for excellence. When nominating, students are asked to explain why their nominees made their experience in MLDP more beneficial and/or how their nominees provide an excellent example of leadership in the program. At the end of the term, students must have perfect attendance and be nominated by their peers a number of times to pass MLDP with excellence. Below are the collaborated comments about those who completed the Management and Leadership Development Program with excellence in Winter 2017. Congratulations to you all!

Olivia Bewley '19 contributed to her participants learning and engagement in a unique way.  She took it upon herself during dinner activities and discussions to make sure that everyone in the group had a chance to voice their thoughts in a supportive environment.  Olivia was an “encouraging” member of the group, which made other participants more eager to push through on their personal leadership challenges.  Olivia asked insightful questions, she was always fully engaged, and maintained a positive attitude throughout the program. For these reasons, she has earned excellence in MLDP this term.

Kelly Caputo '19 has earned excellence for being a dynamic and engaging participant.  She gave helpful examples and encouraged others to participate in discussions.  Kelly helped to keep group members on task while at the same time giving constructive comments to the group. Kelly was always upbeat and showed a strong commitment to the program.

Amos Cariati '18 has earned excellence for his honesty and meticulous attention to detail during the term.  He has shown the other participants how he has paid attention during every session and incorporated what he learned into his personal leadership challenge.  He did this often during the dinner discussions. Amos was always willing to share his experiences with his personal leadership challenge, whether they were successes or areas where he wanted advice for improving.  Amos’ openness about his experiences provided helpful tips and examples for the other participants, and this earned Amos the third most nominations for excellence this term.

Trevor Colby '19 has received excellence for his participation and engagement in MLDP this term.  From the first session, his peers noticed his efforts to keep the improv session engaging.  Trevor continued to show passion for the program with his willingness to participate in group discussions and by asking thoughtful questions that helped to challenged group members to think more about the topics discussed.  One student mentioned that Trevor “was very willing to offer his thoughts to the whole group and...I could tell that he was very engaged and passionate about hearing the opinions of his group mates.”  For Trevor’s exceptional facilitation skills that enhanced the learning of other participants in MLDP, he has earned excellence with the most nominations this term.

Alexa Green '19 was often noted as being “patient and kind” with regards to giving feedback during sessions to her peers.  Her encouraging approach made many students feel comfortable sharing challenges and stepping out of their comfort zone.  Alexa truly cared about the successes of the other participants in MLDP, and for this reason she will be completing the program with excellence.

Parker Johnson '19 was recognized by his peers as being a “supportive” member of the group.  He made participants feel comfortable sharing their experiences with MLDP and their leadership paths.  Parker’s encouragement of his peers helped them to understand each session better and work through dinner discussions and session activities in a more in depth way.  For this, Parker has been nominated for excellence in the program this term.

Sydney Kamen '19 made an impact on her peers because of how she helped them to grow during the sessions.  She gave feedback to her peers that proved to be valuable in completing their personal leadership challenges, as well as to improve in group activities.  Sydney was always a positive motivating force among her peers. For these reasons, Sydney has received excellence in MLDP this term.

Jono Klein '19 demonstrated excellence by stepping up to the plate and volunteering to participate.  His insightful comments during the dinner activities and during the sessions have helped participants to have a better grasp on the information learned.  Throughout the term, Jono was a consistent example of engagement and participation that other participants could look up to.

Armando Ortiz '19 has shown exceptional growth this term during MLDP.  From the beginning of the term, Armando decided that he wanted to become more comfortable speaking up in front of groups of people.  As the quarter when on, he showed an effort to do just that both inside and outside of MLDP.  He was willing to demonstrate vulnerability for the benefit of others. Armando’s ability to implement lessons and his effort to open up to participants about his journey has earned him excellence.

Barbara Olachea '19 has shown her learning and implementation of professional skills this term and has used this to engage her peers during group discussions.  Though she may not have always been the first to speak up in large group discussions, every contribution Barbara would make to the discussion was always valuable and made with grace.  Barbara was a great example of elegant leadership. The care and effort she put into the program has earned her excellence in completing MLDP.

Matus Petrovsky '19 was nominated for excellence because he was a leader in MLDP.  He often took it upon himself to make sure everyone in his groups was on the same page and understanding the exercises.  Matus worked with the participants in a way that helped to engage them deeper into the material.  For this reason, Matus has earned excellence this term.

Monik Walters '19 earned excellence in MLDP this term for her authentic and magnetic disposition towards others that made the participants feel more excited about the program.  Students who were placed in her discussion groups often commented about the depth of the discussions they had with her and that they appreciated her honesty.  Her nominations often talked of her as being “cooperative and friendly” or “enthusiastic and friendly” which ultimately lightened the mood of MLDP and lifted everyone’s spirits.  For these, Monik has received the second most nominations for excellence this term.


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