Prof. Donna Coch Presents Research on "The Rhyming Brain in Beginning Readers"

Associate Professor and Chair of the Education Department at Dartmouth College, Donna Coch, presented her research "The Rhyming Brain in Beginning Readers" at a presentation to faculty on Monday, December 6, 2010.  Her research was funded by the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center.  Professor Coch's research lab studies how reading-related skills develop in young children and how the reading brain works in both children and adults.

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center supports a competitive research grant program open to Dartmouth College faculty for research and academic conferences on issues in public policy and all topics in the social sciences. The Rockefeller Center Director, the Associate Dean for the Social Sciences, and the other members of the Rockefeller Center's Faculty Council review applications and select the most promising prospects for funding.

Grants typically range from $5,000-$25,000 in size. For all grants, the Project Director must be a tenured or tenure-track member of the Arts & Sciences Faculty. Visiting faculty are not eligible. Collaborators may be Dartmouth faculty or scholars from other institutions. Compensation for Project Directors and collaborators is not available.

Proposals are reviewed by the Faculty Council twice a year, with deadline dates for submission of October 1 and April 1.

For more information regarding Faculty Grants, please visit our webpage.