International Relations and Foreign Policy Faculty Workshop hosts security expert Dr. Erica Chenoweth

Dr. Erica Chenoweth
On February 3, 2012, Dr. Erica Chenoweth, Assistant Professor of Government at Wesleyan University and Director of Wesleyan’s Program on Terrorism and Insurgency Research, was our guest at the International Relations/Foreign Policy Faculty Lunch, discussing her public talk entitled,  "Why Civil Resistance Works: Nonviolence in the Past and Future,” which took place later that afternoon.

The International Relations/Foreign Policy Faculty Workshop is joint enterprise with The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center and the John Sloan Dickey Center, and provides a venue for faculty to receive feedback on their manuscripts and to debate new work in the field of security studies.  

It is convened by Christianne Hardy Wohlforth, Acting Director of the John Sloan Dickey Center, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Government.