Rocky On The Road: #GOP12's Controversial Rule, Podcasts, #DNC12 Preview #yourconvention

The Rockefeller Center is happy to bring you first-hand coverage from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this year.  Ester Cross '15 shares observations and reflections for this "Rocky On The Road" blog series. 

Read on for Ester's most recent update.

Prior to embarking on the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, I would like to share with you some additional work that I have done during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida and preview the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

During convention procedures, the RNC produced a controversial rule allowing Republican National Committee leaders to enact rules between conventions without the ratification of the Convention Committee on Rules. A number of delegates have expressed concern about this new rule since they claim it gives undue power to party elites at the expense of the grassroots. The new rule will likely have consequences for the future of the grassroots of the party for years to come. Read more in my post for the Talk Radio News Service here.

Throughout the convention, I have also participated in recording podcasts with a media organization called Kopoint American Conversation. These podcasts take the form of roundtable discussions on the important features of the national conventions. The first podcast features a discussion about the RNC (listen here) while the second is an introduction to the DNC (listen here).

Like the RNC, the DNC will feature prominent national leaders, entertainers and party elites who will present a powerful case to the American people for reelecting President Obama. I am most looking forward to hearing President Obama’s policy proposals for the next four years. I am also interested in comparing the two national conventions, the way in which they operate and the overarching messages they present.

First, here is a look at a Sunday protest launched by Occupy Wall Street South. Demonstrators showed their disillusionment and disappointment with President Obama’s presidency and called for reforms in immigration, economic and foreign policy.  See photos here.