MLDP Recap: Kate Hilton ’99 delivers "The Art of the Narrative"

 The third MLDP Session “The Art of the Narrative” was presented by Kate Hilton ’99, Director of Organizing for Health, a project of ReThink Health, and Principal in Practice for Leading Change at Harvard University. The art of public narrative is rooted, according to Hilton, in the understanding of an issue, an ability to tell a personal story and motivate people to join the action. Through the narrative of self, the speaker creates an environment which motivates and inspires the audience.

Finding the story that anyone could relate to was the MLDP participants’ task of the day. Students were asked to design their own calls to action by combining a story of self, a story of us and a story of now. Participants then practiced their narratives in small groups to receive helpful feedback. One student was especially fortunate to present his narrative in front of the entire class and inspired us all to introspect and break out of the closets that we were all in.

I loved this session. It inspired me to see things differently, and to realize how connected and similar we all are. It inspired me to want to be the kind of a leader who can bring people together for a common good through the personal narrative. This session also helped me to develop a better understanding of social dynamics, and strengthen my public speaking skills, which are a valuable asset for my future career in the international relations field.

--Written by Tatyana Bills ‘GR, MLDP Winter 2014 Participant