The Rockefeller Center's Latest Course Offering, Public Policy 49, Featured in The Dartmouth

Public Policy 49, "Environmental Policy Research Workshop," was recently featured in an article penned by Jose Garza '17. PBPL 49 is the Rockefeller Center's newest course and was offered for the first time this winter.

PBPL 49 is designed to guide students in conducting research on environmental policy-based projects. These projects are based on requests from the Vermont and New Hampshire state legislature. Students will learn the basic theory and research methods in environmental social science and they will spend the second half of the course applying these skills in team-based settings in order to address the questions posed in the projects. Satisfactory completion of the course will qualify students for entry into the Rockefeller Policy Research Shop.

A small excerpt from Garza's article:

Sustainability director Rosi Kerr said she was excited to see a partnership between the public policy and environmental studies programs and added that the workshop would provide students with practical experience.

“Students are passionately interested in getting their hands on real sustainability problems and solving them,” she said. “The environmental policy research workshop is an awesome opportunity to get real world experience with the challenges and realities that come with change making via effective policy.”

To read the entirety of Garza's article, click here.