Mini-Grants Recap: Student Reactions after attending Powershift

Dartmouth Undergraduates that attended Powershift 2013

This opportunity was funded by the Rockefeller Mini-Grants Program. For more information, please click here. 

"Powershift 2013 will be one of my enduring memories as an environmentalist during college. It was utterly inspiring and humbling to be present and part of a movement that is ever growing and powerful. From multi-faith services to the logistics of setting up worker-owned cooperatives, the break out sessions were practical and motivational in equal measure. I particularly appreciated the sessions aimed at fossil fuel divestment student organizers, of which I am one. It's a small but growing movement at Dartmouth, and it was so powerful to be in a room with hundreds of other students working on the same thing. I have already worked again with some of the students I met there, and anticipate further collaboration in the future."

--Morgan Curtis '14

"Powershift 2013 not only inspired me, but also clarified the role I play in the environmental justice movement. I attended a variety of workshops and panels on topics ranging from Green Careers to Food Justice to Challenging Male Supremacy. Despite these diverse topics, however, themes emerged. I learned the importance of solidarity, of understanding one's identity and privilege in order to be an effective participant in this diverse movement. Not only did I learn valuable skills and hear varied perspectives from skillful workshop facilitators and panelists, I made connections with fellow students from around the country, and from Dartmouth. The long trip to and from the conference allowed us to debrief our experiences. We learned from one another's experiences and interpretations of events."

--Rachel Carter '14