PBPL 43: Social Entrepreneurship is now Cross-Listed with the Economics Department!

The Rockefeller Center’s new course “PBPL 43: Social Entrepreneurship” is now cross-listed with ECON 77. Taught by Professor and Director of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center Andrew Samwick, this course will use the context of 50th anniversary of the declaration on the “War on Poverty” to investigate the nature and causes of poverty, both domestically and abroad, and the emergence of social entrepreneurship to address this issue. This course will also have a strong experiential component where students will work in small groups to identify and develop ideas for their own social ventures.

The course change period for the summer term is now open (May 8-29) and students are encouraged to consider PBPL 43/ECON 77. As a cross-listed course, this will also count towards the ECON major or minor.

The course is being offered as a 2A and satisfies both SOC and WCult: W distributive requirements. For more information and the syllabus, click here.