Faculty Research Grants in Action: Michele Tine

Extending beyond the walls of the Rockefeller Center, Dartmouth Professor Michele Tine of the Education Department has seen her research succeed as a beneficiary of a grant made possible by the Corrigan Family Gift.

Professor Tine uses her research to build a foundation for solving educational problems faced by children in communities of rural poverty. Shortly after joining the Dartmouth faculty, Professor Tine sought out a Junior Faculty Grant from the Rockefeller Center.

She notes that “The goals of the Rockefeller Center are very well aligned with my own work,” specifically in regards to the public policy implications of her findings. The exploratory nature of Tine’s research restricted it from funding through many traditional sources, but it was a perfect fit for the Rockefeller Center’s mission.

“It’s a fantastic funding mechanism for studies at Dartmouth that might not otherwise be funded,” Professor Tine emphasizes.

Following the presentation of results at a host of industry conferences, the success of this study led to applications for further grants from the Spencer Foundation and the National Science Foundation as well as public policy achievements as she met with schools interested in understanding the study and achieving reforms. "The Rockefeller Center has been a joy to work with," states Professor Tine, now an eager advocate of the Center’s grant process.

-Written by Tyler Stoff '15, Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant