The Rockefeller Center bids farewell to team member, Thanh Nguyen.

Thanh Nguyen joined the Center in 2011 as the Program Coordinator for the Co-Curricular Internships Program and the Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP) and more recently served as the Center’s first Design and Entrepreneurship Officer. In this role, he continued to facilitate MLDP into the sixth year of the program and assisted Professor Samwick as a Teaching Fellow to develop the PBPL 43/ECON 77: Social Entrepreneurship course which launched this past summer. His passion for leadership development, technology, and innovation will be sorely missed, not to mention the generosity in which he shared with the Center and colleagues his talents for photography, his knack with any kind of software or technology, and playful sense of humor.

Photo courtesy of Rodrigo Ramirez Photography.

“I have gotten to know Thanh over the past 3 years professionally and personally. One of the many qualities I cherish in him is his leadership ability to "be present." You can always rely on Thanh to get the job done with thoughtfulness, efficiency, and effectiveness. And he does this with style and elegance. I will miss him more than words can describe. I am excited that he is pursuing his passion and know that he will have an impact on people and communities he serves wherever he goes.” Sadhana Hall, Deputy Director.

Thanh is moving on to pursue a Master’s degree full-time in Human Factors in Information Design program at Bentley University, where he will also be working as a Research Associate at Bentley’s User Experience Center. The field of user experience (UX) design has always been of interest to him because of the user-centered approach and interdisciplinary nature of the work, which draws upon the fields of the social sciences, information architecture, and usability, all in the context of technology and design.

The focus of his career pursuits so far has always been to gain an understanding of how people think, learn, and develop and use that understanding to create things that improve people’s lives. “While I am certainly going to look back at my time at Rocky and at Dartmouth fondly,” Thanh recently shared with a staff member, “I’m looking forward to continuing on and joining the MSHFID program at Bentley University where I’ll learn more about UX and work on projects to help to design extraordinary products and services.”

The Center’s faculty and staff wish Thanh the very best on this exciting next chapter of his life. You can learn more about Thanh and keep in touch with him via LinkedIn: