Introducing Tatyana Bills, the Rockefeller Center’s new Co-Curricular Program Coordinator!

In her new position as a Program Coordinator for Co-Curricular Programs at the Rockefeller Center, Tatyana will be primarily supporting the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows Program and the logistics for the public policy course PBPL 43/ECON 77: Social Entrepreneurship.

Rockefeller Center Program Coordinator for Co-Curricular Programs Tatyana Bills. Photo by Tim Serkes.

Prior to joining the Rockefeller Center, Tatyana worked at the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding, where she advised students on international internships, fellowships, funding opportunities, and career paths. She created and oversaw the post-graduate Lombard Fellowship Blog, maintained various social media accounts, and conducted marketing assessment surveys of the Dickey Center events.

In the summer of 2014, she served as a Mandela Washington Fellowship Program Assistant in communication for President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative, helping to host the first cohort of 25 outstanding young African leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa here at Dartmouth.

Having a multi-cultural upbringing – growing up in Russia and living in the United States – Tatyana appreciates cultural diversity and loves learning about other cultures. She sees herself as a cultural bridge between people, which inspires her to teach cultural awareness and inclusion to students as one of the core values of leadership.

"Leadership weaves through every aspect of human life. It is a commitment to be responsible for the wellbeing of self and others. Intercultural competence is the key to understanding oneself and the world around us, and the glue that brings people together in a positive dialogue," says Tatyana.

Tatyana’s intercultural perspective will enrich the Rockefeller Center and help students become culturally aware and open-minded leaders. She loves speaking and learning foreign languages, dancing West Coast Swing, and traveling.