15F Voxmasters

This year, the Student Program Assistants are Dustin Sheehan '18 and Latrell Williams '16. Photo by Weijia Tang '18.

VoxMasters is a dynamic group of students brought together by a common desire to become more confident public speakers. The group meets every Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 7:00 pm at the Rockefeller Center to practice extemporaneous speech. Each week, the group focuses on a specific type of public speaking, such as Introductions, Technical Speeches, and even how to use a Teleprompter.

At a typical meeting, students arrive and have dinner as the week’s topics is introduced. Before the actual practicing begins, the discussion leaders talk about best practices and tips on delivery for whatever that evening’s particular subject is about.

VoxMasters stands out because it is one of the few groups on campus that creates a space for students to practice and receive constructive feedback on their public speaking skills in a very low stress, friendly environment. This is not a debate team. Although regular attendance is not necessary, the more sessions a student attends, the more improvement they see in their public speaking confidence and skills.

VoxMasters participants practicing. Photo by Weijia Tang '18.