Recognizing Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant: Latrell Williams ‘16

Latrell Williams ’16 has been a co-facilitator of the Student Discussion Group VoxMasters now for two terms. However, he’s been participating in the group since his freshman year. “This is a nice job for something I like to go to anyways,” says Latrell. His favorite part of the job is helping people with their public speaking skills. “Recently we’ve had a lot of graduate students in the STEM field interested in improving their public speaking. In just a few months, they’ve improved a lot,” Latrell says. “It’s nice to see that VoxMasters has an impact.” 

“I can always count on Latrell to do exactly what he says he’ll do,” says supervisor Vincent Mack. “Latrell takes his responsibilities seriously, and never has to be corrected twice, or repeatedly asks to complete a task. I appreciate working with Latrell for his dependability, willingness to learn in his role, and integrity demonstrated in doing what he says.”

Latrell has spent a lot of time in Rocky, as in addition to VoxMasters, he’s also participated in the Management and Leadership Development Program. He likes being at Rocky because “it’s a very laid back and inclusive atmosphere.” As a government major and history minor, he spends a lot of time in both Rocky and Silsby, and has a good sense of what’s going on at the Center throughout the day.   

Outside of academics and work, Latrell is the President of the College Libertarians and a member of the Fencing Team and Parliamentary Debate team. After Dartmouth, he intends to work as a paralegal for two years before heading to law school, a track in which his public speaking training will serve him well. 

Submitted by Doug Phipps ’17, Student Program Assistant for Communications and Student Outreach